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Good Free App of the Day: Wombi Christmas Toys

image from released a new Christmas game for today!  It has 5 simple mini games for toddlers to explore.  

After each mini gmae, the santa light-bulb character has a little celebration jig.

FREE today & forever.



If you would like to download Wombi Christmas Toys (FREE, iPhone and iPad) please support Smart Apps for Kids by using this link:

Wombi Christmas Toys - Xmas games for kids - Wombi Apps

** Only the app's developer can control when an app is free or not. All apps that we post as Good Free Apps of the Day are verified to be free at the time of this post. We make no guarantees otherwise. **


From iTunes: 

image from Help out in Santa’s workshop! ---

It’s almost Christmas and Santa needs help in his workshop. Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and Christmas presents must be ready! Pull the lever and let everything roll into the workshop. Polish, build and decorate! And when everything is done, pack it all up in Santa’s sack. Christmas is almost here! 

And best of all â€" Wombi Christmas Toys is a present to all kids and is totally FREE! 

image from and CONTENTS: 
- 5 different toys, 5 different mini-games!
- Beautiful illustrations!
- Child friendly! Simple and clear. No reading skills required. 
- Interactive assistant! Santa’s helper, Lampy, responds to everything you do! 
- No ads from third parties.
- No in-app purchases.

image from
PS. Do you like Wombi Christmas Toys? Then check out Wombi Toys! 20 toys are waiting for your help!




image from


Lisa R would look more like her avatar if the hair were a few inches longer and 10x frizzier. 



image from


Every day we pick what we affectionately call the  Good Free App of the Day , an app that we have downloaded, tested and certified: It can't have a ton of ads or just a little content with in-app purchases.

It also has to be good.

We then present them to you to read, download, and share and, based on which ones got the most hits from you, here are your Top 100 Free Apps for Kids! Enjoy!

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(** indicates that the app contains in-app purchases/is very closely tied to a purchase or has ads)

Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 11.30.13 AM1)  LEGO App 4+  (build a vehicle and then use it in activities)

2)  Open Wide Snap  (we rated five stars)

3)  Disneyland Explorer

4)  National Geographic Explorer

5) **  Toddler/Preschool Flash Cards  (warning! now has ads!)


6)  Toy Story Read Along

7)  Hide Run Growl  (we rated five stars)

8)  Little Stars - Toddler Games   (letters, numbers, shapes, colors, words)

9)  Play 123

10)  Peggy Storybook 1

6a00e39822836188330167637cf6cf970b11) **  Playful Minds: Math (5-8 years old)

12)  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally Appisode

13) **  Build a Word Express

14)  ABC Alphabet Phonics

15) Little Writer - Tracing Letters, Numbers, Words and Shapes [1]  (awesome app)

16)  Learning Games for Preschool to Kindergarten

17) **  Curious George at the Zoo for iPad  (now only one area free, the rest in-app)

18)  Rover  (flash-enabled web browser for kids)

19)  Disney's Jake's Never Land Pirate School

20)  Scholastic's Sushi Monster  (addition and multiplication)

21)  I Can Write 2  (make sentences about images)

22)  PBS Kids Video  (all their favorites, U.S. only)

23) **  Brain Quest  (from the people that make those card thingees)

24) **  Thomas & Friends - Engine Activities

25)  Collins Big Cat Story Creator books  (eight apps!)

26)  Miss Spider apps  (Bedtime Story and Tea Party)

27)  Toca Kitchen Monsters  (all kids need Toca Boca)

28) **  Goodnight Safari  (baby animals!)

29)  Rocket Speller

30) **  Toontastic  (we rated five stars)

31) **  Scribble Press  (make an book!)


32) **  Puzzingo

33)  Touch the Sound

34)  WordWorld's PlaySquare

35)  Lego Duplo Jams

36)  Little Finder

37)  Color Uncovered  (please don't let your dog drive)

38)  The Elephant's Bath

39)  Songs for Kids 1 and 2

40)  Bluster!  (McGraw-Hill)

41) ** Math Vs. Zombies [2]

42) **  Spy Mouse

43)  Easy Bake Cupcakes

44) **  Let's Color  (drawings come to life)

45) **  Alphabet Tracing

46)  eggzoo

47)  Chugginton - Be Safe

48)  Rocket Math Free  (free version of one of our Top Picks)

49)  Green ABCs  (previously cost $30)

50)  Monster Physics Lite  (five star app)

51) **  BrainPop Featured Movie  (No. 1 on our Editor's Choice list)

52)  Story Creator

53)  Kids Learning - Photo Touch Learning Concepts

54)  ABA Flash Cards & Games - Emotions

55) ABC Mouse Zoo Sets 1, 2 and 3 [3]

56)  Buzzle

57)  6-in-1 Children's Games  (lite version)

58) **  Sock Puppets

59) ** Monkey Drum [4]  (do you need more than a monkey with a drum?)

60)  Sprout's Doodle Dots  

61) ** MeeGenius [5]  (six ebooks for free!)

62) Whole Foods' Awesome Eats [6]

63)  Colors that Luli Loves

64)  Lego Duplo Zoo

65)  Scooby-Doo Whos Are You? by Hallmark  (Zoinks!)

66)  Feel Electric  (The Electric Company is back!)

67) **  Booksy  (one of our Top Picks)

68)  Hookitty-Tookitty-Tah

69)  Tim and Tom

70)  Kids Learning - My First Numbers Counting Game

71)  Wood Puzzle Brain Challenge

72)  Hannah Habeebee McHats

73)  Jeff the Mis-Fish

74)  Make A Scene - Farmyard

75)  Jack and the Beanstalk  (modern version of the classic tale)

76)  A Not-So Fading Light

77)  ABC Mouse Grand Canyon

78) Sprout's Good Night Star [7]  (nighttime routine, brusha! brusha! brusha!)

79) Stewie The Duck Learns To Swim [8]

80) Chipper's Rainy Day Adventure [9]

81) **  BrainPop Jr. Movie of the Week

82) **  Motion Math - Hungry Fish

83)  Little Stars - Word Wizard

84)  Adventures of the 7Wonderlicious Girls  (girls doing their best, helping others, being brave, learning and feeling good about themselves)

85)  Fisher Price's Laugh & Learn Animal Sounds

86)  The Land of Me - Story Time

87)  JibJab Jr. Books

88)  Fisher Price's Lets Count Animals

89)  Bean Bag Kids present Little Red Riding Hood

90)  Astrid & Siri

91) The Lorax Truffula Shuffle [10]  (U.S. only for some reason)

92)  Squiggles  (bring scribbles to life, one of our Top Picks)

93)  Kraft Macaroni & Cheese - Dinner, Not Art

94)  The Icky Mr. Fox/Mr Fox and Mr. Rabbit

95)  Hallmark's Christmas All the Way

96)  Spot the Jungle Animal

97)  Little Bird's Internet Security Adventure

98)  PaddleDuck Color and Story App

99)   i Luv Drawing Santa

100)  Mini Mining


We've done our best to only include apps that are permanently free, but sometimes developers do change their minds, so please leave a comment if you find an app that's no longer free.

(** indicates that the app contains in-app purchases/is very closely tied to a purchase or has ads)


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  6. ^ Whole Foods' Awesome Eats (
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  8. ^ Stewie The Duck Learns To Swim (
  9. ^ Chipper's Rainy Day Adventure (
  10. ^ The Lorax Truffula Shuffle (

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