Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Download All Videos From a YouTube Playlist or a YouTube Channel

Recently I ended up finding some Thanksgiving recipes on YouTube which merged in a playlist. I needed the tutorial as I’m preparing to give my family a big surprise on that day, I only know the basics. Downloading the Thanksgiving recipe videos one by one can be time-consuming and on top of that irritating for me of course.

Earlier we have seen ways to download individual YouTube videos in your preferred formats and  how to download YouTube videos as audio files . Today, we’ll go over two ways you can download entire YouTube playlists, one which should make Firefox users ecstatic, and another desktop program which presents some handy options for mass video downloaders.

Method 1: Download All Videos Of YouTube Playlist with BYTubeD Firefox Extension

Firefox browser has an extension known as BYTubeD, which can help you bulk download videos from YouTube with a click. It can be used to batch download all or selected YouTube videos on any page which has some links to YouTube videos. CLICK HERE [1] to download firefox addon.

After installation and restarting your Firefox, you can see a BYTubeD link in the Tools menu, just as the following image:

The window will list all the videos in the current YouTube playlist. You can select the videos you want to download, choose the video format (MP4 or FLV) and quality, then you can generate the video links and download them with your download manager, or enqueue the videos into the default Donwloads window. And you can also save the videos to any place you like.

But there isn’t a “Select All” button, you need to press the “Control+A” keys to select all the playlist videos. And you can’t download those videos which are restricted from playback on YouTube:

For those videos in the Failed Requests list, you can try to download them with iSkysoft Free YouTube Downloader mentioned in method 2.

Method 2: Download All Videos Of YouTube Playlist Using Free YouTube Downloader

When I have to download a single video, I use online tools like Keepvid and KeepHD to generate the direct download links but this time, there were many YouTube videos and generating links for each of them didn’t look feasible at all.

Soon I started looking for a free Mac application that could help me with downloading multiple YouTube videos, and that’s when I learned about  iSkysoft Free YouTube Downloader for Mac , a free and versatile batch YouTube video downloader.

Here are the complete steps involved to download an entire YouTube video playlist:

1.  Download and install iSkysoft Free YouTube Downloader for Mac. It’s available for  Mac OS X and Windows.

2. Go to YouTube and find the video playlist that you want to download. Just Drag and drop the video urls to add it to the download queue, and then switch to next YouTube video to download again. You could add up to 20 YouTube videos in the playlist at the same time. The YouTube videos will start downloading automatically after you add the video URLs.
iTube Main Interface

  1. ^ HERE (
  2. ^ Windows (

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