Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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The FreeBSD Project is one of the oldest and successful project. FreeBSD is well known for its reliability, robustness, and performance.

A new version of the FreeBSD 8 is scheduled for release this week. A RC3 was made available for download few weeks ago for final round of testing before the official launch. nixCraft takes you for an in-depth look at the new features and major architectural changes in FreeBSD v8.0.

FreeBSD jails (operating system-level virtualization) are perfect for virtual hosting environments. It offers security and ability to partition a FreeBSD-based system into independent system. Jail v2 features the extensible jail parameters and hierchical jails. By setting a jail’s children.max parameter, processes within a jail may be able to create jails of their own. You can also use multiple IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (added in 7.2) per jails. You can also restrict jails to certain CPUs and jail admin can create and manage their own ZFS file systems within the jails.

FreeBSD 8 includes improved ZFS support which bringing ZFS out of the “experimental” status to “stable”. Zpool format upgrade to 13 from 6 and many bugs are fixed. DTrace is a comprehensive dynamic tracing framework for the Solaris. It provides a powerful infrastructure that permits administrators, developers, and service personnel to concisely answer arbitrary questions about the behavior of the operating system and user programs. Also kmem_max, limit has been increased to 512 GB from 2GB.

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