Sunday, September 30, 2012

Apple didn’t update its shopping app for the taller iPhone 5 display

Just a quick thought here. Apple ahead of the iPhone 5 release  updated iLife, iWork and a bunch of other iOS apps it makes. All good. Sadly, notable absent was the official Apple Store app [1] .

A free download, it’s a time savior for buying Apple gear and is indispensable in a ton of scenarios, like current iPhone 5 supply constraints. Combined with the Personal Pickup option , the Apple Store app is the most elegant and convenient purchasing solution.

That being said, it’s a shame the software has seen little love lately. Apple hasn’t even bothered to update the app with support for the taller iPhone 5 display. Just check out those annoying black bars in the below screenshot. Lame, I’m tellin’ ya…

The Apple Store app last received an “iOS compatibility update” on September 5.

How lame is that?

Here’s what it looks like on an iPhone 5 (thanks, Ben Madison [2] !)

Click for larger.

Check out those fugly black bars at the top and bottom.

By the way, that’s how all 640-by-960 pixel apps (those not specifically optimized for the iPhone 5) appear on the iPhone’s taller 1,136-by-640 pixel screen.

Ugly, no?

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  2. ^ Ben Madison (

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