Saturday, June 30, 2012

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Not a coffee drinker myself so I’m just now finding out about the Pick of the Week at Starbucks. They have truly awesome pumpkin bread and banana bread and I had a hankering for the pumpkin. :)

The Pick may be music, a book, TV show, game or app. To get the weekly pick, stop in at your local Starbucks and login to the WiFi for Starbucks digital network, find the entertainment section, locate the Pick of the Week, and download it for FREE. If your Starbucks doesn’t offer WiFi or you don’t happen to have a digital device with you at the moment, pick up the Pick of the Week card. Each card has a code on the back that you can redeem on your device later in the iTunes store. Click Redeem in iTunes and then enter the code to download your content for FREE.

Btw, this week’s download is an app, Walk Tracker Pro, usually $2.99, but it’s FREE one week only with the Starbucks code. 

Thank you, Starbucks! 


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