Saturday, June 30, 2012

EVGA Precision X 3.0.3 Download Free for Windows

Convenient tool for managing video cards NVIDIA, the only one which supports Frame Rate Target (dynamic overclocking GeForce or decrease the frequency of 600 to achieve the desired quantities FPS).
List of changes EVGA Precision X 3.0.3 overlaps with MSI Afterburner 2.2.2 :
  • Increased the limit of power for some extreme versions of the GeForce 600.
  • In the separated graphs can now specify the minimum and maximum values.
  • Corrected LED fan speed on systems with passive cooling.
  • Updated to version 4.3.4 OSD-module (On-Screen Display):
  • Fixed calculation of frame rates in some applications, DirectX 10/11, including the «Max Payne 3."
  • Fixed bugs:
  • incorrect frequency on GeForce GT 640;
  • incorrect frequency when switching to a GeForce 600 video card prior to «Kepler» generation;
  • incorrect display of frequency and voltage after the change of skin. 

EVGA Precision X â€" A utility for overclocking and tweaking NVIDIA video cards with a simple, convenient and colorful interface. RivaTuner is based on a video card with support from the manufacturer EVGA (works with any video cards from GeForce 6000 to 600 except for mobile). Allows you to control the frequencies and voltages manually set the fan chart, depending on the temperature, up to 10 profiles with switching on the hot keys. Knows how to save screenshots of the games (BMP, PNG, JPG with a given quality). Keeps track of monitoring data (temperature and frequency, fan speed, load the GPU and video memory), can output indicators in its box and in the tray, the LCD screen keyboards Logitech, as well as the top of the screen in games (including the value of FPS). EVGA Precision 3.0.3 X (Windows, Freeware) Download here:

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