Thursday, May 31, 2012

Everything You Need to Know Before Dropping Your Paycheck on the iPhone 3GS Smart Phone, Computers And Technology

Later iPhone models sell like hotcakes, however they cannot compare to the long-lasting popularity and features of the iPhone 3GS Smart Phone. The iPhone 3GS Smart Phone remains a very popular phone to get, and it is affordable as well due to new iPhone releases. High quality in every way, the iPhone 3GS Smart Phone may not be as good as the latest iPhone’s, but it still packs a punch in regard to features and benefits.

If you’re a reader it is good to know that it is possible to read books on your iPhone 3GS. The Apple App Store has the iBooks app for free and it gives you immediate access to more than 200,000 books. Many of these books are free, but even the ones you have to pay for are a lot cheaper than buying a hardcover or paperback. You can even download the app for the Kindle which works for the books in the Amazon Kindle store. This means that when you are the owner of an iPhone 3GS, there is no need for a separate Kindle or any other e-book reader because your phone will fulfill that purpose for you. The one drawback, of course, is that the screen is a lot smaller, so if you’re an avid e-book reader you may still want a Kindle, or perhaps an iPad for this purpose.

Storing, editing, and sending your photos from your iPhone 3GS Smart Phone is one of its best features. Taking and organizing photos has never been easier; simply categorize your photos by place, face, or event. Editing your images is a breeze â€" simply download additional apps to your smartphone so that you can edit them exactly the way you want. Images can be cropped exactly how you want them â€" all you have to do is download the Crop for Free application for your iPhone. To make your images look even better, there is an app that you can download called iRetouch Lite. Whether you are editing a single photo, or groups of photos all at once, you can do this using applications that are downloadable to your iPhone.

There is one really great and innovative app but it won’t be of interest to you if you aren’t a runner. On the other hand, it may even motivate you to start running, which is a healthy activity for anyone to do. This is the Nike+ app which both Nike and Apple worked hard to create. There is a sensor that you can place into your Nike running shoe that will connect to a receiver within your iPhone (and iPod). This allows you to keep track of your progress when you run -your speed and the distance you cover. With the addition of a Bluetooth headset you are able to talk on the phone while you run too. The Nike+ app is currently being given away for free, but this may be a limited time offer.

The quality of features that are included with the iPhone 3GS smart phone are generally expected from any product that is designed and produced by Apple. People that cannot stand being behind the current trends might prefer the iPhone 4 over the iPhone 3GS. If, however, you’d prefer to save some money and still get a smart phone with many great features, the iPhone 3GS may be just right for you.

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