Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Facts And Features Of The iPhone 3GS Smart Phone

If you’ve been wondering whether or not you should buy and use the iPhone 3GS, keep reading this article. As Apple puts its focus on newer iPhone releases, you are given the opportunity to find the older models, like the 3GS for better and much lower amounts. You are going to see that there are many different things that will make this phone the smartest choice for some people and the worst choice for other people.

If you love to read books, though, you should know that there is a great and new way to read books on your iPhone 3GS. The iBooks app is available cost free through the Apple App Store and when you buy it you gain instant access to more than two hundred thousand books. Most of the books in the store are free but even if you pay for one of them you’ll still be paying less than you’d pay for a paperback or hardcover. The Kindle app is also available and gives you access to the Amazon Kindle titles. This means that when you are the owner of an iPhone 3GS, there is no need for a separate Kindle or any other e-book reader because your phone will fulfill that purpose for you. The biggest drawback to using this, though, is that the screen is quite a bit smaller, so if you avidly read e-books, you might think about buying a Kindle or maybe even an iPad to serve this purpose.

One of the best things about the iPhone 3GS Smart Phone is that you can edit and send photos very easily. You can categorize your photos however you choose, whether by album name, places, faces or events. To make your photos look better than ever, download apps that can help you with editing and processing your images. Crop for Free is an application that you can download that allows you to crop an image that you want. To make your images look even better, there is an app that you can download called iRetouch Lite. Editing a group of photos can also be done as long as you download the right application to your iPhone for this type of process.

With the iPhone 5 just down the road, and iPhone 4 already available, you might wonder why you should get the obsolete iPhone 3GS.

Making this decision basically comes down to how much you will use your iPhone and what you’ll use it for. As a general rule, most people get suckered into buying advanced electronic equipment that they will never use. Many apps that are more advanced such as cameras that take high-resolution images, and the ability to surf while talking, are things you might want to have at some point. With more advanced iPhones you can also make video calls, which you can’t do on the iPhone 3GS.

Low-priced smart phones, with advanced technology, simply cannot be found at a lower price than with the iPhone 3GS. If you want the very latest technology, you’ll have to choose a higher priced phone, but the iPhone 3GS still has many appealing features and may be all that you need.

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