Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Constituent Parts of a Bestseller

In this article I would like to talk about the parts of bestseller. It is fact that not all can become valuable literature contributions, but most of them have a story that keeps you thrilled and wanting to finish the book. They achieve this by making the plot moving. It is important to keep the reader interested in the story and it is exactly what you are going to see while a bestseller.

For instance, let’s take the Twilight bestseller. Whether you like them or detest, you will have to acknowledge that the writer did its best to keep the reader interested with a plot. She throws small bits of ambiguous information here and there to keep you hooked, and it is really effective. Take into consideration that nothing bad occurs to the major characters, the reader is kept under thrill waiting that something is going to happen overshadowing the story, making the plot unfolding. It is what you receive from the story, in fact.

Take into account, even though the readers trust you and it can be not the very best idea to keep foretokened action without even letting it happen. This can be disappointing for your readers after some time. So, you should develop a plan of action for your bestseller, and create according to it. I heard some author told that you should aim to write in accordance with the climax of the bestseller. So, it can be a great idea to determine what your climax is going to be before you begin composing. It will guide you to the right path of your work and it will also keep your writing.

Maybe the most important part of any book is plausible heroes. Take intoconsideration that not all the books are made ideally, but they have a fabulous way of relating in an close, individual level with the readers. It is achieved through creation of characters that the reader will like. One famous author said that sometimes the plot is not about the events, but the heroes to whom it happens. You might have made an excellent plot, but if you failed to touch the souls of your readers by the characters of your book, you will not attain success.

Try to make your characters like real people. Endow them with feelings, flaws and thoughts of real people. Think them over and invent them in such a way that your readers like them and find something close to their tempers as well. Write the story in such a way that the readers get to know the characters gradually. If you unveil everything that is known about a hero in the very start, a reader will think, ‘There is nothing intriguing about this hero and will not be further’. Try to understand this and do not commit this mistake.

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