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Lets face it, the world is becoming mobile and more and more readers are going mobile to access information. Building native apps for catering to various devices is now far more important then ever. And now to help you build native portfolio apps easily with an innovative web tool that requires no programming experience at all, appafolio [1] is here to your rescue. Just upload your photos & videos to create an app that is made for you, your brand and the message you want to convey




Go to appafolio.com [2] and fill out the details to register a new account.




Create Project


To start your very own Appafolio, type in your title and click "add". You’re on the way to building your first app!






The Dashboard is your main control panel with links to Settings, App Creator, Share and to Get My Appafolio and Change Passphrase.






From Settings, choose an icon from our templates, or upload your own custom icon. For optimal results, your icon should be 512 pixels by 512 pixels. Here you can also change the name of your app, turn on or off comments, sharing and the ability for users to rate your app.




App Creator


The App Creator lands on the App Flow, where you can add, edit, and delete your screens. Choose a pre-existing screen and fill with your content by clicking "edit" or click "add new screen" for new screen options. You’ll then be taken to a preview of the screen where you can edit your graphics, titles, captions, and more.






On ‘Theme’, you can choose from a one of our standard background textures, or choose to upload your own custom background. Backgrounds have a height of 1024 pixels and a width of 2048 pixels for best results. You also control the font type, alignment, and color for both the titles and captions for each of your app screens.




App Flow


From the App Creator, you land on the ‘App Flow’ page. This is the where you specify your screens; what type, order, title and navigation title. You can delete screens and create new ones. You can add photos, videos or text by clicking ‘edit’ on each of your screens. Drag to re-order your screens on our web tool.




Add Screens


After clicking, ‘Add New Screen’, you can choose between all the available types of screens; image, image gallery, video, video gallery, slideshow or about. Select the green ‘Add Screen’ button to create the screen. Select ‘edit’ when it appears on the App Flow to add your own images, video or text.



Your Appafolio



Download the Appafolio app from the App Store and enter your Passphrase to view your app. Share the Appafolio app and your Passphrase with anyone so they can also view your app. Create your own ‘Short URL’ â€" appafol.io/NAME by changing your Passphrase. This will automatically launch your Appafolio if the app is installed.


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