Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Are the iphone apps really free? Why does it take me to the pay screen?

Welcome back to ipod touch 5th generation , I see Download Apps For Cost-free when I browse and pay a visit to a forum, I located a question or problem like So, I want to download a cost-free app on my iphone, but when I try to download, it takes me the pay screen and it says where to bill payment to my home address and how a lot I have left on my itunes card. Why is it asking for this information if this app is totally free? And when employing a app, does it use up my information usage time?
, that time I also seasoned the identical dilemma with him, then I tried to locate out the answer and locate the answer in a question and answer website famous, a person said that to resolve any questions or issue that are :

Answer by ahkipslipknot666
Apple treats totally free apps as a purchase with price tag of .00, so even if you enter billing info, you will not be charged. Beside that, they want your billing address as verification. Some cost-free apps are not totally free in a distinct country.

For tiny firm i won’t give out my billing address and credit card data. even so a big company like Apple, i can trust them.

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