Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Little Joys of Living – Finding Unusual Bliss in the Most Casual Ways

If you want to be satisfied with your life, it is suggested to look at it at various shades and do not accept it too seriously.

Step 1. Laugh not at other people’s mistakes, but for a change, laugh out loud at failures.

People who take themselves too seriously are commonly not happy with their life when they come across the smallest problems. I do not want to say that you should go and set in the bottom of platitude, but often it is nothing bad with loosing some things to value an excellent possibility of committing mistakes that all people have. So, do not become disappointed with small mistakes, because they will occur in your life. You have to learn from them.

Step 2. Contemplate the kids playing and you can even join them!

Do you remember your childhood, that times when you worried about the homework or broken pot? Do you remember those blissful days when all bruises went away with a sweat candy or an interesting trip? It is never late to return into your childhood and become a child again. When I watch children playing, I summon up my childhood. It was easy times and there were no difficulties there. Try to perceive your life as a playground. Get used to the thought that you will experience ups and downs in your life. When you feel disappointed, it does not mean the end of your life.

Step 3. Think about your major ten feel-great-things

Create a list of the things that raise your mood high. These can be plain things, such as tasty chocolate, your favorite coffee, a phone call from your old friend. When you have finished making the list, your mood will be improved. Thinking about these enjoyable things can make you feel better! Considering all these things will aid you to understand how much you have and treasure it.

You can also jot down “top ten accomplishments of all times” (if you recently have had some troubles at work for instance). It will make you recall other strengths that you have. If you feel a sudden heavy flow of falling self-esteem, summon up what things you can do that other people can not do or some things that you have got and others are deprived of. Well, life sometimes can be unfair, but it recompense. You may lack in one area, but you can fill it in in another.

Step 4. Listen to the misfortunes of other people

I do not want to sound insensitive or brutal, but try to concentrate on other people and their misfortunes instead of being upset with your own ones. Sometimes, you will begin understanding that most of your big problems mean nothing when compared to the problems that other people have to come across. It is obvious, you do not have to highlight this. When listening to other people, there will always be a person whose troubles will be worse than your own, for sure. Do not smile about the situation, you should value that you have and make an analysis of your life.

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