Monday, October 31, 2011

Tired of Angry Birds? Free Fun iPhone Games

The iPhone games have known a powerful hold over the market, and even Android users like myself battle to find the best free games – or agree to pay a minimal fee for the fully paid-up version of a beloved ‘golden oldie.’ But if you don’t fancy paying, what can you do? Here are a few fun games you can download for free and enjoy to the full!

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Flick Home Run! is simple enough for small children, but engaging enough for adults.

Flick Home Run! is a lovely game by infinity pocket which uses the touchscreen to turn your phone into a batting cage. While, as you know, baseball is not a popular sport in this country, Flick Home Run! turns it into an interesting pastime as you use your finger to ‘bat’ at balls. A variety of balls – including fastballs, curveballs and even ninjaballs – keeps you on your toes and both distance and number of objects struck add to your score. You have a bar of ‘health’ at the top of the screen, which deplete every time you ask for a pitch and every time you strike, but fills up depending on your score. With achievable goals and exciting gameplay, this is actually a game that can keep you busy for hours – for free!

Words With Friends is a new and intriguing take on Scrabble that costs no money and will keep you coming back for more every time. It’s got simple and engaging gameplay as well as allowing you to chat with your opponents, and you’re able to play your game via iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – allowing you to swap between units as you play. With Facebook functionality integrated into the game, you can tie it into your social networking and if none of your friends are able or willing to play you can get matched up with a stranger in no time!

Bubble Shooter and Bubble Shooter 2 are games that, once again, use simplicity to find a beautiful environment you never want to leave. In my house, this game is absolutely revered and its mindless gameplay makes it a big favourite to fill empty time such as that spent on a bus or waiting in a queue. It’s so simple as to be almost stupid – but therein lies its greatness. And since both are free, you can feel absolutely no qualms about downloading them and know that, should you – magically – dislike either you haven’t wasted any money at all!

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Some free games offer multiplayer functionality.

BATTLE BEARS: Zombies! is the odd duck out in that it is both unexpected and completely off the wall. But my irrepressible love for zombies made me grab my husband’s iPhone and download it, and it delivered in a big way. While it’s a little disturbing to spend your time battling an army of adorable pink bears looking to hug you to death (which is, admittedly, a rather unusual take on the zombie phenomenon), the game takes full advantage of touchscreen functionality and just delivers good, clean, old-fashioned fun. This game, like Flick Home Run!, offers achievable goals and new things to unlock and discover, so you keep wanting more and more. Absolutely recommended. Enjoy!

One of the glorious things about the App store is that there are free gems hidden in the midst of the paid-for applications. Don’t miss out on these three!

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