Links: iPhone 3G: iPhone: iPod Touch 1st Gen: iPod Touch 2nd Gen: Wallpaper Link: Winrar Download: Guys Theres a way which you don’t need to loose all your files. 1. Download the device ispw file. 2. load up iTunes. 3. plug in your device. 4. it will show up in your itunes. now on the main screen for it, there will be 2 options: “check for update” and “restore” 5. click on “check for update”. it will take you to the page where it says the features and says “buy for 9.99″ or “cancel”. 6. press the cancel button. 7. now it will return to the main page you were at, except this time it will say “update” instead of “check for update” 8. hold your shift key and left click “update” 9. double click the 3.0 file you downloaded. 10. let it run its course like normal. Luqven: Make sure to subscribe, rate, comment!!!

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