Monday, March 31, 2014

Most iOS gamers prefer in-game advertisements over paying for games

gamer-survey-wild tangentAccording to a new survey released by Wild Tangent, iOS gamers overwhelmingly prefer to play free games with in-app advertisements over paying for a title that does not include ads. [1]

The survey, conducted in conjunction with IHS Technology, asked 500 iOS users about their game playing habits. Approximately 86 percent of respondents said they would rather play a free game with ads than spend money on an ad-free, paid title. Of this 86 percent, 70 percent favored free, ad-support games, while 16 percent preferred a freemium title that offered levels and other content via in-app purchases.

When asked about their preference for the types of games online gamers preferred, advertising supported games were chosen by the vast majority of those surveyed. 70% of respondents said they preferred free games supported by advertising and 16% preferred freemium games with the option to pay for levels in the game. Only 14% preferred online games they had to pay for to play.

Gamers also prefer advertising models that give them control over their viewing. When asked if they prefer games that let them choose when and how to view ads over those that do not, 71% preferred that level of control.

Gamers also preferred games that rewarded them with in-game currency for watching advertisements or videos within the app. Popular hunting game Deer Hunter 2013 is an excellent example of this model, providing users with valuable gold in exchange for watching video advertisements or signing up for select online offers from within the app.

Freemium games have been enjoying a tidal wave of success in the App Store, replacing paid titles as the top grossing apps across the iOS App Store. Among the top 50 apps in Apple’s Top Grossing charts, 43 of the titles are freemium games, with only one paid game, Minecraft Pocket Edition, earning enough money to climb to the 18th slot. The remaining six apps are non-game titles.

Do you play games on your iPhone or iPad? Do you prefer paid games or freemium titles?

[Via MacRumors [2] ]

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