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Top 10 Free iPhone Apps Today


Top 10 Free iPhone Apps Today

Top 10 Free iPhone Apps Today

There are thousands of applications available via the App Store, some useful everyday shortcuts and others to help you pass the time when you have a few minutes spare. Many brands and companies have their own apps to help you interact more easily with their products and specific mobile-friendly website. Here’s our guide to the ten best free apps to download on your iPhone.


This one is for the beer lovers amongst us, as it helps you discover the most popular local bars and specialist beers wherever you go. It also has a community element as you share your beer reviews and photos with your friends and other users on the app. It offers a personalisation feature to give you beer suggestions you’ll enjoy and help you find your new favourite brew. The feed of user activity is even called “The Pub”, so you can find out what’s happening in the pub, before you get there.


The TonePad app has been described as “a bit like musical crack” by Synthopia. It is a simple interface of small dots, each representing a musical note. It takes the hard work out of creating music, as you no longer need to be able to read music or have knowledge of playing an instrument. Simply tap on the screen and you will soon be making simple, catchy jingles. Drawing musical pictures has never been so fun.


This app helps you track your spending habits and monitor your daily payments and outgoings from both your credit and debit cards. BillGuard is the fastest, smartest way to track your spending & save money. It is the first “Smart Inbox” for your money, prioritizing the noteworthy charges on your credit and debit cards. Easily monitor balances and track recent charges with a swipe to verify charges, mark unrecognized transactions for follow-up or dispute unwanted charges with a tap. BillGuard gets smarter with every swipe, prioritizing the charges you care about. Easily recognize charges with community-edited information. It is powered with bank-level security to ensure your data is kept private and secure. No one, not even you, can move money with BillGuard. It also alerts you to those “grey charges” you might miss on your monthly statements. This is usually from a free trial period that has started charging you automatically.


Flipboard gives you the chance to create your own personal magazine, tailored with content from your favourite blogs, RSS feeds and incorporates your social media too. It is especially useful on an iPad as it utilises the large display to give a more realistic magazine feel. It’s still very useful and nice to use on your iPhone though, and is extremely customisable so you only see the content you are interested in.

Trainyard Express

This great free game involves an innovative and challenging puzzle mechanic, with over 60 brand new puzzles to play. It has a smooth difficulty curve to keep you guessing and stop the game becoming too easy or frustratingly hard. The graphics are compatible with the high-res retina screen on all Apple devices. What makes it a great game is that there isn’t just one solution for each puzzle, it has over a hundred ways to complete each one, keeping it fresh to long-term players. It’s engineered for low battery usage so won’t drain all your precious power and even has a colour-blind mode!

iHeart Radio

This music based app makes it even easier for you to listen to your favourite live radio stations with the best of live internet radio including pop, country, hip-hop, R&B, rock and sports. You can also create your own commercial-free custom music channels with over 16 million songs from 400,000 artists. It has activity-based music recommendations and on-demand audio from your favourite talk shows and personalities. The built-in alarm clock lets you wake up to your favourite station or remind you to tune into that show you always miss. The talk feature gives you access to on-demand episodes from great names in news, sports, finance, comedy and entertainment.

iMotion HD

This clever filmmaking app allows you to create the fascinating time-lapse photography sequences. It also helps take the difficulty out of making stop-motion animations with everyday objects. Always wanted to see a teaspoon backflip across your desk? Well now you can with this app and in quality HD, with both 1080p and 720p capabilities. It also has an auto-save feature to keep your artwork safe if your phone rings in the middle of your creation process.


This health-based app helps you improve your lifestyle with physician-reviewed health content and interactive tools. Personalised, engaging multimedia lifestyle content can help you sleep better, reduce stress or eat more healthily. It also has a Symptom Checker and local health listings to help you self-diagnose and treat your illness. Find medically reviewed information about conditions relevant to you and learn more about causes, treatments and related symptoms.


ooVoo is available for PC and all mobile platforms, making it perfect to chat to friends and family no matter where they are. With over 75 million users, the high quality video chat is very impressive, as it utilises their cloud call processing server technique to give you clear, smooth video reception. Connection Lock is a specialist video technology that automatically detects and adjusts for connection speed, which means fewer dropped calls. You can video chat with up to 12 people at once too, so group chats are even easier. It also has free voice calls and instant messaging options.


With Duolingo you can learn a language for free, without shelling out for pricey software or enrolling in night classes. The bite-sized lessons work very well and are actually quite fun to keep you coming back. It is all linked to a cloud system, so you can carry on learning on multiple devices and simply pick up where you left off. To begin with it’s easy picture and word matching to get you comfortable with the vocabulary, but soon moves on to translating a sentence. It has gameplay elements such as bonus points, achievements and a leader board to keep it enjoyable. You can even have a setting so your device reminds you to practise if you haven’t played in a while. Languages include German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Sian Morgan is a freelance writer and journalist who currently resides in the United Kingdom.  She has written numerous guest posts on behalf of i-Case [1] , who supply cases and skins for iPhones.
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