Thursday, January 31, 2013

shirley - behind the lens: Free Download

Can you believe it is the end of January already? A new month means a new calendar - February's calendar for your computer desktop.

Click on the link to download from Free February 2013 Calendar

I often get inquiries about a photo like the one featured in February's calendar - sometimes I am asked if I used a black backdrop or a special light set up. The answer is no. I shot the bouquet at night, at the kitchen table. The lights are all out except for those above the kitchen table. The lights create a spotlight for the flowers. Then I used the spot meter on my camera (DSLR's will have this option, many point and shoot cameras do too - even my iPhone 4S has the ability to spot meter somewhat) and metered the bright part of the bouquet. The result - a dramatic bouquet on a black background.

Hopefully you've found this month's calendar post useful. Be sure to check back at the end of February for next month's calendar link!

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