Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Oct 30th 2012, 06:14

BWMeter [2] - the unsurpassable of the utilities investigating reciprocation. Customizable filters to displace interchange on the ports and ip-addresses. And at the unvarying instant - a rattling naive port. By nonpayment the syllabus divides the interchange on the topical and the Internet, as required in 90% of cases. Can demo graphs for each of the filters. Displays reports for the day, period, month and period.
  • Due to the plasticity of settings can be victimised to number reciprocation of apiece of several computers in a material, being installed on only one of them (depending on your mesh design)
  • BWMeter [3] is a muscular bandwidth beat, guardian and interchange individual, which measures, displays and controls all interchange to / from your machine or on your system. Dissimilar separate products, it can treat the collection packets (where they arise from, where they go, which left and protocol they use). This makes it allegeable to tell between local and internet reciprocation for representation. BWMeter can also be victimized for traffic command by service a travel lessen for all kinds of connections or restricting operation to certain net sites. It creates statistics for all computers in your meshing, activity and displaying all LAN traffic as shaft as download / upload from the cyberspace. You can even delimit filters which present your word computer).

interchange and confirm the statistics of downloaded / uploaded information of all computers in the meshing. The set is promiscuous to configure and offers a lavish set of options and features for beginners as easily as experts and cloth administrators.

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