Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rule the Kingdom apk v2.06 Download Free for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Game Insight, a global leader in the development of gaming applications for mobile platforms and social networks, has released a new "Empire of Heroes" for the iPhone and the iPad.
In many games we offer to build his own kingdom, a fantasy, or raise the current from the ruins. "Empire of the Heroes" is no exception, but the only difference is in how to be doing it. "Empire of Heroes" - is a striking blend of role-playing games, and urban strategy, which combined have a huge charge guise of fun and positive.

Download the game from the App Store, launch it and enter the name of his hero. Now you can at any time and anywhere to join the fun of the inhabitants of his kingdom, to check how things are going in the extraction of resources, and to repel the evil monsters who have lost all fear.

At the beginning of the game you are given a small plot of land on which you build houses, barracks, and the necessary buildings. In addition, you can hire a regular staff, which will help replenish the resources such as wood and stone. Thanks to them, you will build a farm on which to grow corn and other products. In turn, with these products in bakeries created you to prepare meals, which will be able to feed their soldiers. To ensure that you have been able to obtain more resources to build a warehouse, and to hire new workers will have to build houses.

An important role played by the characters in the Empire Castle. Each of his improvements will include more people. Over time you will have the opportunity to expand their holdings and improve the building. At the beginning of your soldiers have a small amount of life and level of damage done. With the development of your possessions, you can build a barracks and hire the service of a more powerful warriors. Since each house is going to tax, the more houses, the more you can earn money. You can also sell the manufactured products and earn as much in taxes to the city's residents.

In the battle you will be able to use magic. But you can not use spells often, so we recommend to buy balls of fury and protection, which will increase your strength and defense. In the Empire of heroes has a huge number of bosses, murder which will give you extra experience and money, and sometimes the new armor and crystals. With the help of crystals you have the opportunity to improve their weapons. Also on the way will meet with the treasure boxes in which you can find crystals, gold, balls of fury and other useful things.

Watch for this great country - a pleasure. Thanks to the stunning game engine, which is very convenient in terms of use and provides excellent three-dimensional graphics, each novice who wants to join the ranks of gamers, "Empire of the Heroes," is doomed to become a slave to the application. It draws not only beautiful graphics, but also what is inside. You are waiting for hundreds of interesting quests to find items, to the destruction of the enemy, and additional bonus missions. Simultaneously accessible mini-games that help to relax and gather my thoughts.

Novelty is very good in its genre. You can deal with growing food, creating warriors, to build and improve homes. However, all this takes a very long time, and accelerate the process is only possible for crystals. But if you have a full time or money available - feel free to download and enjoy, especially if you love the original mix of several genres that are so rarely found on mobile platforms. Rule the Kingdom for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad Download here:

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