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Kids Coloring Book – Multi-Touch Finger Painting Fun!

Just like peanut butter and jelly go together, so do kids and coloring books. Kids Coloring Book â€" draw, color and paint studio pro (by Kids Games Club) is a FREE, iPhone and iPad, interactive coloring book app for young children featuring 81 “touch-to-color” coloring pages from 9 category themes that comes with 40 different colored markers to choose from. This colorful Education app also features a cute iguana character and music that alternates between slightly peppy to an easy-listening tropical.

27 of the 81 coloring pages are available in this FREE app â€" 3 fun drawings in each of the following categories: Flowers, Ocean, Dolls, Animals, Teddy Bears, Dinosaurs, Toys, Fruit, and Monsters â€" the others can be unlocked though in app purchase of $1.99. Kids will enjoy choosing from the 40 different colored markers that pop up with a fun “boinging” sound when selected. I actually had a blast going down the line one after the other, as well as randomly. I was very surprised to find out that the color selection isn’t the usual cheery primary colors that most of us are accustomed to for kid activities. These colors are more along the muted tones. Regardless, I was still able to create some fun and colorful pictures.

kids ipad app reviewskids ipad app reviews

A nice touch provided by the developers within this app is a starburst animation that occurs each time after adding a color, as well as some fun fireworks bursts released into the picture by the little iguana character. From my experience with this application, I have to admit that coloring could be a little challenging for the perfectionist types. There are times when coloring in the smallest of details (on the coloring sheets) got frustrating because it was hard not to change the surrounding area’s color while trying to color in the targeted area â€" it may take a few tries to get to the chosen color into the pinpointed area. Also, at times, when coloring in the larger areas, it can be difficult to get all those segmented sections that belong to the larger area (background, etc.) because they may be separated off by another line that is part of the drawing â€" so this may take a few times to get all the areas of a larger part colored in consistently. Although this may not phase most kids, I think of this because I have 1 child who was very exacting when it came to her coloring projects (nothing less than perfect would due), and my other children were just happy to take part in the process â€" scribbles and all. When kids are all done with their coloring sheets, they can save their pictures to the photo album/camera roll.

One other thing to point out about this FREE iOS Universal app is that there are a variety of advertisements (that is expected in a FREE app), but they do not inhibit the coloring activity since they run across the top; however, just be aware that the ads can potentially take kids away from app. Overall, this FREE, interactive coloring book has plenty of fun coloring sheets good for both boys and girls, and should keep them entertained for a good long time while they also enjoy their peanut butter and jelly. Check out all of our iPad app reviews . Mrs. Crazy Mike

Kids Coloring Book â€" draw, color and paint studio pro iPad App Download

Title: Kids Coloring Book â€" draw, color and paint studio pro
Cost: Free
Size: 17.3 MB
Category: Education
Developer: Kids Games Club
Store: iTunes App Store

Kids Coloring Book â€" draw, color and paint studio pro iPad App Download

Kids Coloring Book - draw , color and paint studio pro - Kids Games Club

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Kids Coloring Book â€" draw, color and paint studio pro iPad App Developer Description

iOS Universal

★★★ The Perfect First Coloring Book for your Child! ★★★
★★★ 81 Amazing Coloring Pages Inside ★★★
★★★ From the creators of world leading and award winning educational applications ★★★

Make your child’s first color book experience a memorable one. With 81 amazing drawings and 40 vibrant colors for your child to choose from Kids Coloring Book offers hours of excitement and fun. Your children will be able to develop their inner artists without the inevitable mess that usually occurs after a creative session.

Kids Coloring Book includes adorable features such as the Magic Mystery Marker which colors randomly adding the fun element of surprise. The easy to use and intuitive coloring features are sure to spark your children’s imagination and build their self confidence as they enjoy their own creations. Carefully designed for young ages the app is child friendly and extra easy to use. Develop your children’s artistic spirit and improve their concentration and fine motor skills.

In this fun coloring application you’ll find:
✽ 81 different coloring pages
✽ 9 exciting categories
✽ 40 vibrant marker colors
✽ Magnifying glass feature
✽ Save your drawing to gallery
✽ Multi-Touch finger coloring
✽ A Magic Mystery Marker

Coloring pages categories:
âœ" Animals
âœ" Dinosaurs
âœ" Teddy Bears
âœ" Monsters
âœ" Toys
âœ" Ocean
âœ" Dolls
âœ" Fruit
âœ" Flowers

Note: The first three coloring pages of each category are completely free. Many more coloring pages are available in an easy to use in-app purchase inside the application. Purchasing full version also removes all ads.

If the sound is not working, make sure to turn off the mute switch. Turn the volume up and the sound will work properly. (you can find the mute switch and volume button on the side of your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch).

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