Monday, April 30, 2012

FlyRights - Travel iPhone App (FREE!)


The Sikh Coalition

[list][*]App Genre: Travel

[*]Released on: 30 April 2012

*** AS FEATURED IN **** The Washington Post* NPR* The Huffington Post* Politico* Ars Technica* USA Today* Times of India* NDTV** Fast Company*****************************FlyRights provides a quick and easy way to report complaints of air travel discrimination in real time, right after the incident occurs. With this application you have the option of reporting your complaint directly to the Transportation Security Administration/Department of Homeland Security so that their offices of civil rights are aware of your complaint and can investigate it. You can also file your complaint with the Sikh Coalition, the nation's largest Sikh civil rights organization. Do your part to promote the rights of all by documenting and reporting your experience at the airport.This free application is brought to the you by the Sikh Coalition, a community-based organization that promotes civil and human rights for all. *** Features **** Quickly and easily document your experience with air travel discrimination* Send your report directly to the Transportation Security Administration/Department of Homeland Security or to the Sikh Coalition or both* Know Your Rights Guide lets you know your rights as an air traveler in US airports* Airport information through the US is pre-populated so that you do not have to type it* Easy to complete radio buttons allows you to file your complaint within minutes

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AppStore link to FlyRights - Travel iPhone App [1]

FlyRights - Travel iPhone App is a free iPhone App that is now available.

How to download FlyRights - Travel iPhone App?

You can download FlyRights - Travel iPhone App onto your iPhone by following the link below.

Link: [2]

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