Saturday, March 31, 2012

Download Driver Genius 2012 with Srial Key Free

After several months of intense testing, driver genius 2012 the official version is finally completed. Relative to 2011 version, Driver Genius Driver Genius significant upgrades to 2012, including more efficient cloud drive library, the new UI design, a more convenient function control, drive a key to download. Fiery recent Windows 8 Consumer Preview Edition operating system, driver genius also made to support. The following driver genius 2012 the official version of the major changes in content.
1, a new UI design, more efficient procedures
Driver Genius 2012 version of the interface has been redesigned interface is more simple and more convenient operation. 2012 engine version, significantly enhance the ability of hardware and driver identification, docking of the new version of cloud database, and found the drive efficient and more accurate. Various functions switch from the first screen you can easily find a variety of commonly used functions have dedicated buttons can be found. Before you install the driver the wizard 2012Beta beta users must have found these changes.

The efficiency of the program is running, we also do a lot of improvements, driver genius 2012 software startup speed faster than the 2011 version, the waiting time to obtain the list of drivers for a few seconds less than before.
2, support for the Windows consumer Preview
The preview version of Driver Genius also made the day of the release of the operating system support for the fiery Windows 8 consumers. And various modifications and optimization software under Windows 8 in the follow-up time.

We note that in the Windows system, sound card and graphics card part of the driver architecture changes, part of the equipment may be a problem in the driver installation process. I, I will introduce Windows 8 system driven architecture change.
Sound card is part of:
We note that Windows 8 times, Microsoft began to regain the sound card hardware acceleration. The emergence of this situation is really exciting, because in the era of Windows Vista, the Windows 7 system, Microsoft in order to ensure the stability of the system, the sound card driver could have access to the hardware layer emulation layer is replaced by the difference between hard and soft sound card is a serious narrowing. Windows 8 system, the re-emergence of the hardware acceleration, there will be "hard sound card performance and sound quality.
However, after our test, the actual situation and is not expected so beautiful, and integrate with any "hard sound card driver in the Windows consumer preview version of the system. More outrageous is that, hard as the X-FI sound card even Windows 7 drivers are not installed, the user of the spirit of the already very fragile "hard sound card again took a hit, we can only wait for the manufacturers to speed up R & D-driven to solve these problems.
The good news is all using the onboard HD Audio sound card users are not affected, Driver Genius 2012 provide HD Audio soundcard Windows8, driver support, all drivers can match.
Graphics part:
Windows8 system graphics driver module from a WDDM 1.1 upgrade to 1.2, most cards can work properly. Vendors action, such as AMD has released a beta driver specifically for Windows 8 platform, NVIDIA has also released the day before yesterday the driver support for Windows systems. Driver Genius on the above-mentioned driver support. As for some of the moves slower manufacturers, you need the user to wait.

Other compatibility issues for the existence of Driver Genius 2011 the Windows8 consumer Preview, the official version of the 2012 have all been resolved.
3, other improvements
Other aspects of Driver Genius 2012 version of the new 'one-click to download the required driver' button, allowing users more convenient operation. All drivers once the download is complete, without manual intervention. New patch upgrade module, the first time access to Microsoft vulnerability updates to resolve the user. In addition, driver genius 2012, there are dozens of subtle improvements, we can use to explore slowly.
Driver Genius 2012 the formal launch of does not make us to stop. Driver Genius will continue to inherit the concept of user needs, continue to upgrade. The user needs is our direction. Thanks for the support and help of Driver Genius!
Driver Genius 2012 full version download [1]
Standard Edition (integrated network card driver) 13.8MB
Extended Edition (integrated universal network card driver) 115MB

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