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MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab is the gentle but powerful cleaner for all kinds of acoustic material including records, tapes, CD tracks and MP3s.

Digital cleaning features remove everything from light cloudiness to the worst sound abominations on noise-filled tapes, scratched records, and on MP3s that have been compressed to death.

A fine polish of the sound brings new life to every song and the burning function encapsulates your sensitive sound material on audio or data CD, protecting it from any further damage.

Individual tracks, even individual passages within a track can be given their own effect settings. Additionally, the entire sound can be cleaned up, refreshed, and especially important for compilations, the volume can be balanced.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab is fast, easy-to-use and very gentle: All effects are calculated in realtime on playback without damaging the recorded material in the least.

The original recordings and songs remain untouched on the hard disk. You can therefore experiment around to your heart’s content without having to worry about causing any lasting damage to your audio material.

With MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab you’ll be able to easily turn your old LPs and cassettes into high quality digital tracks!

Here are some key features of “MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX”:

Cleaning functions:
· DeClicker: Removes crackling and clicking noises. For particularly difficult clicking it is recommended that you use the manual DeClicker. Simply select the click and get rid of it!

· DeCrackler: Removes constant record crackling.

· DeClipper: Removes overmodulation (clipping).

· DeNoiser: Removes constant distortion noises like rumbling or wire droning.

· DeHisser: Removes analog tape hissing.

· Spectral Cleaning: Removes distortions (like coughing, whistling, or individual clapping) from a recording without influencing the wanted signal. Lost components of the original frequency spectrum from the wanted signal surrounding the distortion are recalculated into the recording. Spectral Cleaning can be activated by clicking on the corresponding button, or via the menu option.

· DeEsser: Mainly serves to softly remove overemphasized sibilant sounds from song recordings, but can also be used to enhance distorted vinyl recordings. The DeEsser can be activated as a preset in MultiMax.

· Impact noise filter: Takes care of low-frequency droning (for example, footsteps or the noise of record players in operation). The impact noise filter can be opened as a preset in the Sound Cloner.

· Remove DC offset: This menu option removes any DC offset that may be present in the signal.

Mastering functions:
· Stereo FX: Edits the stereo panorama of the audio material. The new Multiband Stereo Enhancer adds more width and depth to your music, making it a totally new stereo experience. Basses and highs can be edited independently of one another, but most importantly, the bass area remains highly transparent. A Stereo Maximizer compresses the newly created stereo signal and adds a more pleasant and more compact-sounding audio picture to the stereo balance.

· Equalizer: Acts directly on the sound spectrum and allows differentiated increases or decreases of various frequency bands. The Equalizer can be used as a graphical Equalizer with well-defined frequency bands and as a parametric Equalizer with variable bands.

· Brilliance: The Brilliance Enhancer is a high-end audio tool with which, for example, losses in high frequencies, which occur with MP3 compression or while recording older records, can be regained. As opposed to the Equalizer, which only raises the available frequencies, the Brilliance Enhancer generates new overtones from the material available and really refreshes the sound.

· Energizer: The newly developed psycho-acoustic processor “MAGIX Energizer” breathes new life into your music and creates audibly fresher and more energetic sound: lively highs, a well-defined bass and a more transparent stereo picture. Furthermore, this effect can also be used on typical, assertive radio voices.

· SoundCloner: With the SoundCloner sound characteristics can be transferred from one song to the other, meaning that when you like a particular sound, you can save the related sound characteristic and transfer it to other tracks.

· Dynamics: Edits the volume ratio using a compressor.

· Leveler: These presets of the dynamic modules set different types of audio material to a uniform volume, ideal for CD mixes.

· Limiter: This preset limits the maximum volume in the dynamics module so that overmodulation does not occur anywhere in the file.

· Dynamic Expander: This preset from the dynamics module has the opposite effect of sound compression: loud parts become even louder; quiet sounds become even quieter.

· Noise Gate: This preset from the dynamics module filters out all signal data from the used signal that is below the variable threshold. This way, complete silence can be achieved, for example, when changing from one song to the next.

· MultiMax: Edits the volume ratio using a multi-band compressor. Here the frequency spectrum is separated, much like with professional studio devices, into three frequency bands and separately compressed. This way you can create, for example, equally powerful bass sounds for a song compilation from various audio sources.

Additional sound effects:
· Acoustic Simulator: The spatial acoustic simulator is a powerful high-end effect which you can use to, for example, add depth to spoken recordings. Here the sound properties of “real” rooms are transferred to the audio material. The quality of the reverb and room impression is much higher than all standard synthetic reverb methods. Some impulse responses are available in surround format, that is, the reverb was recorded separately at the front and at the back of the original room. The acoustic simulator can be activated via the “Edit” menu.

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